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[sticky post] Welcome Darlings!!

Welcome to me journal little darlings!!

Aoba and Ren welcomes you to my journal

Hi! The entries here are f-locked.

They consist mostly of ranting about anything and everything that comes to my mind.

I'm interested in BJD (Still saving up to buy myself one), K-Pop (mostly TVXQ! and JYJ, some of the SM Artists, Yangpa and ballad singers), anime and manga(Josei and Shonen), Yaoi(You already know it *wink*), BL Games (Nitro+CHiRAL), Light Novels (Yaoi) and Japan (may include fashion, places, people and their culture). So if we have something in common feel free to add me up!

Yes, I'm currently obsessing over DMMd, I like BL games and I just love Aoba <3

Don't worry I won't eat you!


I ordered In These Words... I bought the ebooks and wow it's dark and yeah. LOL I dunno.

I'm alive. hah

I think I'll be renovating my LJ and posting more. I really dunno.



ToyCon at Mega

Went to Megamall today for the 2012 Toycon!!

It was stupid, a waste of money really.

The 1st and foremost reason I went there was to go buy a ticket for the 2nd Fantasy Quest, and I was not able to buy one. As you may have known, the Toycon occupied the Megatrade Hall 1-3 and they also occupied the Function rooms,  it was a hassle looking for the booth because it was jam-packed and people everywhere were taking pictures.

The 2nd reason was for the cosplay, I wanted to see if there were any good cosplayers around and wanted to take a photo with them.

And well, to say that I was disappointed with what I have seen was a huge understatement. You see the place was creeping with almost naked woman --- attention whores I call some of them, I don't know about you but that's what I call people who cosplay showing too much of their skin. I don't even know if they truly know who they're cosplaying! It's like they're just looking for attention and fame from the photographers. The good cosplayers who were on stage were ignored by the majority of these photographers for their "fap material". As you can see many of these photographers are just pervert and either the cosplayer knows about this or they were thinking that it's a sacrifice for fame.


 I hate this part right here!!!!

No , just joking! I hate typing... I'm too lazy to type and I know it...

maybe I could...

do nothing about it!

What a great idea! I'm so smart! I love my brains!


Nothing.. Just ranting

I hate the ads in LiveJournal!!!! They're interrupting me when  I type!!!!!!

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